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  • Walk in orders welcome
  • Call ahead and we will have it ready for you.
  • Curbside orders w/reserved spaces directly out front
  • We deliver!

☕️Don't forget!! 

We Deliver!  Big or small.  or Call Ahead! We'll have your order ready & waiting!!

All sandwiches can be made on GLUTEN FREE bread! 
We also offer GF Brownies and Lemon Bars!!

And just so you know...ALL SANDWICHES can be MADE HALF  or  WHOLE

~~Summer Specials~~
*Kitchen Sink Salad--the COBB  $13.95/$9.95
Romaine lettuce, rows of chicken, bacon, avocado, cheddar cheese, blue cheese, roma tomato, hard boiled egg w/ranch.
*Kitchen Sink Salad--the CHEF SALAD  $13.95/$9.95
Romaine lettuce, rows of turkey, ham, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, roma tomatoes, green peppers, red onion, hard boiled egg w/tangy honey mustard.

the Wild Field Deli  $9.95/$6.95
Hearty blueberry wheat bread with turkey, our mango aioli, carrots,
thinly sliced apples, cheddar cheese & leaf lettuce.

 the THAI CRUNCH wrap
Chicken, romaine lettuce, thai peanut sauce,  peanuts, carrots, scallions,
crunchy rice noodles, & fresh cilantro.  OOOO--so good!

the MJC EGG SALAD on Ciabatta  $10.95 served whole only
Our MJC egg salad that is so simple but so good with crisp bacon and leaf lettuce served on a toasted ciabatta bun. 

(grilled) THE BELLISSIMO wrap  $10.95/$7.95
Chicken, Brie, Raspberry jam, Walnuts, Baby spinach & our Mango aioli.
the ROASTED RED PEPPER grilled cheese $10.95/$7.95
Lots and lots of cheddar and mozzarella cheese with
roasted red peppers and roma tomatoes.

the MAD HATTER panini 
Chicken with assorted Wild Mushrooms, Garlic aioli, Baby spinach,
& Provolone cheese.

Baby spinach, bit of cream cheese, lemon zest, broccoli, drizzle of extra virgin olive oil w/garlic and topped lightly w/mozzarella and aged parmesan.

THE THAI pizza $10.95
Baby spinach, chicken, peanut sauce, carrots, scallions, fresh cilantro and topped lightly w/ mozzarella and aged parmesan.

       Chicken Dumpling & Tomato Bisque   
Soups $3.95/$4.95/$5.45    
 QUICHE...slice $5.50   whole...$26.95

Choose from 3 Daily Quiches baked fresh every morning!!
   Classic Lorraine (cheddar & bacon)  
 Chicken & Broccoli    Greek Feta    Veggie
 Spinach & Artichoke    Asparagus & Mushroom   Farmers (sausage & peppers)

Can't decide??  . . .C H O O S E ( 2 ). . .  Can't decide??   
~~This is the option when you just can't decide~~
Choose 1/2 a sandwich & add a special size soup or mini salad of your choice
1/2 Sandwich w/ soup...$10.95  w/mini salad...$12.95


We welcome special orders, so please~~add to it, take it away,
question if we have it? extra it!  side it!  
*We take extreme care to plan and prepare each and every catering order.
A four hour cancelation window is requested.
Thank you so much in advance.