come.  sit.  stay.
It's the Hap-Happiest time...of the year!!!
Holiday Drinks are on the menu!
***Salted Caramel Hot Chocolates***
***Grasshopper-ccinos***Gingerbread lattes***
***Eggnog lattes***ToffeeNut Macchiatos
***Peppermint Mochas***

Don't forget!! 
We Deliver!  Big or small.  or Call Ahead! We'll have your order ready & waiting!!


~~Seasonal Specials~~

the WHOLE FOODS salad $11.95/$7.95
Mixed greens w/chicken, broccoli, bits of bacon, apples, edamame, sesame bites, raisins and cheddar cheese w/our house honey mustard vinaigrette

We like it and offer it cold, but request it grilled if you would like!
It's uniquely dee-lish either way!
Layers of fresh mozzarella, roma tomatoes,
a little drizzle of garlic infused extra virgin olive oil, add artichokes, chick peas, edamame and a bit of baby spinach with just a touch of chipotle.

the HUNTER'S club $8.95/5.95

Feeling hungry?!
This club is served on our hearty whole wheat bread with sliced roast beef, plenty of bacon, a little red onion, cheddar cheese, roma tomatoes and a bit of our zesty aioli with fresh leaf lettuce.

GRILLED CHEESE w/CARVING HAM panini  $9.95/6.95
Possibly the best ham and cheese you will ever have!!
Made with lots & lots of melted cheddar, mozzarella and provolone cheeses w/ thick sliced carving ham we slice in house. SO basic..but SO good.

Grilled CAPE HORN panini  $9.95/6.95
We start with a light layer of cream cheese toped with our homemade cranberry sauce, add slices of our deli turkey and provolone cheese, a little horsey aioli & a bit of baby spinach.  Sweet & Savory.  Warm and holiday-ish.

Toasty Ciabatta the MONA LISA  $9.95/6.95
Our toasty ciabatta w/pesto, fresh mozzarella, lots of roma tomatoes, a few chopped sweet red roasted peppers, a little drizzle of garlic infused extra virgin olive oil and then a little sea salt and cracked pepper.
This sandwich will make you smile. 

PIZZA~~The LOUVRE $10.95
Get ready to LOVE this pizza.  We mean LOVE!
A combination of goat cheese and roma tomatoes over a light layer of baby spinach, then we drizzle organic honey and sprinkle walnuts to add intrique to your pallette and top the pizza with just a bit of mozzarella and aged parmesan cheese.  YUM--ME!  You might not want to share this one!!

Soups & Quiches      
       Our Homemade Chicken Dumpling Soup & Our Caronlina Bourbon Chili
are both so good, we serve it every day!!

Soups $3.95/4.45/4.95   Chili $4.45/4.95/5.45--add Cheese $1.25        
Please call for the Soup Du Jour~~906.776.2233

 QUICHE...slice $4.95   whole...$23.95

Choose from 3 Daily Quiches baked fresh every morning!!
   Classic Lorraine (cheddar & bacon)  
 Chicken & Broccoli    Greek Feta    Veggie
 Spinach & Artichoke    Asparagus & Mushroom   Farmers (sausage & peppers)
Can't decide??  . . .C H O O S E ( 2 ). . .  Can't decide??   
~~This is the option when you just can't decide~~
Choose 1/2 a sandwich & add a special size soup or mini salad of your choice
1/2 Deli w/ soup...$8.95  w/mini salad...$10.95

1/2 Wrap w/ soup...$9.95  w/mini salad...$11.95
1/2 Panini w/ soup...$9.95 w/mini salad...$11.95

We welcome special orders, so please~~add to it, take it away,
question if we have it? extra it!  side it!